"The senior executives of Walailak University collaborate to gather ideas and set the direction for the university's development moving forward.

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On August 25-26, 2023, the university’s executive management team led by the President, Vice Presidents, and Associate Vice Presidents participated in a practical seminar on the topic of ‘The Future Direction of Walailak University’. The seminar took place at TASALA Cabana hotel and aimed to review the strengths, weaknesses, risks, and future direction of the university. Each member of the management team presented information for collective consideration on four key issues are as follows:
1) Weaknesses and risks of their respective divisions.
2) Weaknesses and risks of the university in the future.
3) Strategies for strengthening divisions in the future.
4) The desired future direction of the university.

In order to lead to the development of a strategy for carrying out the university’s mission to achieve future goals.

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