Administration of Planning and Strategy Division

Job Summary

Division of Planning and strategy under the Office of the President established according to the announcement of Walailak University 2023. The responsibilities are as follows:
  1. General Management & Administration
  2. Risk management and Internal Control
  3. Strategic and Budgeting Planning
  4. Institutional Research
  5. Monitoring and Performance Evaluation
  6. Educational Quality Assurance
    To support operations according to the four main missions of the university, namely graduated production, research, academic services, and arts and culture preservation. In the overall mission of planning and strategy division resulting in important performance results as follows:
  • Finances and property
  • Correspondence
  • Division of Planning and Strategy’s meeting
  • Division of Planning and Strategy’s website improvement and development.
  • Head division secretary
  • Support operations as assigned tasks.

Risk Management

  • Analytical and preparation planning for the university’s risk management.
  • Secretary of risk management committee.

Internal Control

  • Walailak university’s internal control components assessment report.
  • Walailak university’s internal control assessment report.
  • Internal control assessment report to the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Strategic plan of Walailak university
  • Annual action planning
  • Student admission planning
  • Academic workforce capacity planning
  • Requirements of annual government statement of expenditure
  • Annual budget preparation planning
  • Annual budget execution
  • Secretary of institutional research committee
  • Statistical information of students
  • Unit cost analysis of undergraduate
  • Annual performance report
  • Code of university structure improving
  • Institutional research to support the educational planning and administration of university.
  • Performance monitoring and results of budget according to the annual strategic plan and strategic action plan every end of quarter.
  • Performance monitoring meeting for twice a year.
  • Annual performance report according to strategic plan and president’s policy.
  • Improving and developing systems and mechanisms for internal educational quality assurance.
  • Conferences/seminars/trainings regarding educational quality assurance.
  • Monitoring and data collection for educational quality assurance.
  • Performance monitoring according to the quality development plan.
  • Performance progress according to educational quality assurance indicators at the curriculum level, school level and university level.
  • Self-Assessment Report, SAR
  • Internal educational quality assessment
  • Data recording into the CHEQA Online system.
  • Promotion and supporting for curriculum to be assessed and accredited internationally.


“To be a main division to drive and support policies, missions and strategies of Walailak University to achieve the goals”


  • To analyze and synthesize information for use in policies and plans formulation at various levels of the university.
  • To drive policies and plans of university into practical by manage resources effectively.
  • To monitoring and evaluation management lead to suggestions for improve and develop the university.
  • To support institutional research and develop information systems using state-of-the-art information technology for the purpose of facilitating operational activities and decision-making by executives.
  • To develop internal control and risk management systems to meet high standards and reduce the chance and impact of potential harm to the university.
  • To support and promote educational quality assurance of university into international standards.
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